Yogi Sporting Goods started out in the year 1998 in the suburbs of Mumbai, India. The company was created by Mr. Mrugang Desai who had a sheer passion for the game of cricket. The first retail shop was created to primarily cater to requirements of Yogi Cricket Club. The shop’s main objective was to bring down the total cost for running the cricket academy by creating customized goods and products of the best quality at the lowest cost.


The success of running the academy then drew the attention of more cricket academies to cater their demand from Yogi Sporting Goods.


Today Yogi Sporting Goods stands as one of the best sporting goods store supplying cricket & other sporting goods to many Cricket Academies, Sports Institution, Schools and Colleges, MNCs in and outside the country.


Our logo – the name ‘Yogi’ in red background depict youthfulness and boldness & ‘Sports’ in blue depict dependable strength which is very pertinent to  our products.


We specialize in creating niche products as per the individual’s requirements. We have also delivered niche goods to top cricket and sports organizations such as WCA, IOS, Aryaan Fitness Centre, Payyade Cricket Club, Venus Cricket Club to name a few.


Our Belief

To provide sports goods at a reasonable price, of best quality, and delivering at a fastest time.

We would like to endeavour our success to all our customers who have been associated with us.

Mrugang Desai is involved in the field of sports for more than 20 years. His current assignment includes Performance coach for Gujarat Lions. More known as Monty Desai in cricket world, he was also Coach and Scout of Rajasthan Royals in IPL since its inception. He has done his B.E from Mumbai University in the year 2000. He has work experience for working for different companies across different continents in USA, UK, South Africa, and India.